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Stunts, Special Effects, Acting, Camera Movement, and so much more!

JERRY, the Stunt Professional

With 20+ years of experience in the stunt industry and an impressive list of projects, Jerry Buxbaum brings an energy and a passion to his work that is unmatched. From water safety to precision driving and stunt coordinating, Jerry has worked his way through the industry with professionalism and commitment to a job well done.


As an avid lover of many sports, from water and snow skiing to martial arts and tennis, Jerry has been able to bring his athleticism and ability to think quickly and creatively to the many productions that he has coordinated. Films like, Bigger Than The Sky (2005), Music Within (2007), The Kill Hole (2012), Rise of the Zombies (2012) and Bullet (2013) with Danny Trejo.


Jerry's extensive gear package can make even the smallest productions live large. His camera car, process trailer and car dolly are all well kept tools for projects big and small. High falls, fight scenes and car chases all benefit from the rigging, fall mats and insert rigs that Jerry has in his large arsenal of professional equipment.


Stunt Doubles, Second Unit Directing and Fight Coordination are all represented within the diverse career of your Northwest Stunt Coordinator, Jerry L. Buxbuam.

JERRY, the Actor

Originally from Chicago making his living as a carpenter, Jerry eventually settled in Portland, Oregon, where he used his expert knowledge of water skiing to become an instructor and a professional show skier. This opened the door to Hollywood in the form of water safety for the movies, Free Willy and Maverick. Jerry accompanied Richard Donner and crew to L.A. as an extra for the stage portions of the Maverick production, and from there pursued careers in both acting and stunts. As an action actor, Jerry has portrayed a variety of characters across the spectrum of the entertainment industry.

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